About the wandering doctor

Heya, The wandering doctor goes by the name of Dr.Yash Chheda. Basically I was this med school nerd in India, who like every other person thought only about money and lifestyle. In 2014, I decided to trek in the Himalayan mountain ranges and it woke me up from my silly city boy thinking. I felt the urge to travel more and live more.  Soon after I moved to New Zealand and in the next couple of years that I was going to spend there, I truly became a free spirit, hitch-hiking to remote destinations, tramping on the great walks, eating meals with fellow travelers in hostels and more.

The more I saw places and met people, the more I felt at home. It was then that i understood the meaning of a phrase I had read somewhere “Once you have lived on the road, you can never call any single place your home”. This is my website where you are going to read and live my adventures and my experiences in different places among different people. Feel free to get in touch with me and ask questions or share your own experiences.  Remember You Only Live Once!